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July 01, 2015

The Buzz on Hummingbird, Google's Latest Search Algorithm Update

Google unleashed Hummingbird, the biggest change to its search algorithm in more than a decade, about a month ago. Did you notice? 

Google is drilling down past keywords to intent with Hummingbird, trying to suss out what people really want when they use longer sentences or more complex terms to search. Some SEO experts note that Hummingbird doesn’t really change the way Google searches the Internet, it just changes the results in an effort to be more precise. It is trying to get to your true intent to deliver the results you want.

So what does this mean for attorneys who have been banking on keywords to boost their search results? Keywords will still have relevance, but what will become key is trust. Attorneys who want to rank well in search need to position themselves as the prime provider of the answers to questions their prospects are searching for, identifying intent, needs and problems and providing answers and solutions.

Establishing trust means you need to anticipate these questions and provide answers across several different platforms, including your own website, blog and social media. You need to become a relevant source for the answers to questions that potential clients are asking.

Last week, Danny Sullivan at SearchEngineLand.com provided a great FAQ section about Hummingbird.  It is suggested reading for those who want to learn more about the latest updates to Google Search.