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September 15, 2014

Majority of Marketers Say Social Media Generates Leads, Increases Website Traffic & Exposure

Social Media Examiner’s 4th annual Social Media Marketing Industry Report was released  recently and finds that social media is working the way most businesses want it to: generating leads, increasing website traffic and boosting brand exposure.

Benefitsof social media

The major findings from the report:

  • 83 percent view social media as important to their business
  • 85 percent say social media has increased exposure for their business
  • 58 percent say social media generates leads
  • 69 percent say social media increases website traffic
  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs and YouTube were the top 5 social media tools used by marketers
  • 59 percent dedicate more than six hours a week to social media activities
  • 30 percent outsource some portion of their social media marketing

Half of the 3,800 business marketers surveyed focused on B2B, the other half on B2C. The majority of responders were from the small business (32%) and solo (21%) categories. Most used other forms of marketing, with the top 3 being email marketing, SEO and event marketing:

Usinf other forms of marketing



You can download a copy of the Social Media Marketing Industry Report for free until April 19.

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