April 19, 2014

U.S. EPA to Release Final Vapor Intrusion Guidance What Every Environmental Risk Manager Needs to Know

Vapor intrusion, the migration of volatile chemicals from the subsurface into overlying buildings, presents potential health risks and environmental liability at properties with current or past contamination. Vapor intrusion may be a remedy driver for site closures and could complicate brownfield redevelopment.  The U.S. EPA is preparing its final Vapor Intrusion Guidance for evaluating and assessing risk from vapor intrusion. The release of EPA's guidance is scheduled for a few months before ASTM is expected to release revisions to the Phase I ESA protocol (ASTM E 1527). Among the changes to ASTM E 1527-05 is the addition of new language throughout the standard to include the assessment of vapor migration risk.

With the scheduled release of final federal guidance, followed by the 2013 version of the E 1527 Phase I ESA standard to include vapor, now is the time to ensure that you and your staff are up to speed and that appropriate science is used to minimize the impact of VI on commercial properties.


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  • David R. Gillay, Chair of Barnes & Thornburg LLP's Brownfields & Environmental Transactional Practice Group
  • Rober Uppencamp, Project Scientist/Risk Assessor, ARCADIS U.S., Inc. 
  • Francis Ramacciotti, Senior Manager, ENVIRON International Corporation

Implications for EPs:

  • A better understanding of why vapor migration presents a risk to your clients
  • A way to begin thinking about how the new guidance and revised ASTM E 1527 standard may necessitate changes to your Phase I ESA process
  • A way to gain more comfort in talking to clients about the risks presented by vapor migration
  • An opportunity to prepare your clients for the latest and greatest changes on the vapor intrusion front 




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