March 23, 2017

Brooklyn Law School

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The fundamental mission of Brooklyn Law School is to provide its students with the knowledge, skills, and ethical values needed for a career in the law. A well-rounded legal education exposes students to theory and legal doctrine, and gives them the practical skills that will be expected of them as lawyers. In order to achieve its mission, the law school has created, and is continuing to create, a community of outstanding legal scholars and teachers and students who are among the best and the brightest.

Brooklyn Law School is a law school founded in 1901. It is located in Brooklyn Heights, New York City, in the United States, and has approximately 1,400 students.

Contributing authors from Brooklyn Law School:

Elizabeth Ann Geddes, immigration,  Brooklyn law School, student
Law Student
Elizabeth Geddes is a rising second year student at Brooklyn Law School. Ms. Geddes is the Student Bar Association Secretary, the president of the Brooklyn Law Immigration Society, a member...
Michael Grant, Law Student, Brooklyn Law School
Michael Steven Grant is a 2L at Brooklyn Law School.  He has been fascinated by constitutional law since he was 12, when Bush v. Gore was decided.  He loves law in all its forms.  He is...
Kelsey Russo, Law Student, Brooklyn Law School
Law Student
Kelsey Russo is a third-year student at Brooklyn Law School and will be graduating in May 2017.  Kelsey is an Articles Editor on the Brooklyn Law Review, a recipient of the Health Law...