February 6, 2023

Volume XIII, Number 37

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Advertising with the National Law Review

Reach Your Audience

The National Law Review (NLR)  reaches in-house and law firm attorneys and business professionals.  We specialize in the following legal practice areas:

*Advertisers Newsletter -info about NLR promotional opportunities

*Biotech, Food and Drug

*Cannabis Regulation and Compliance

*California Legal News and Compliance

*Coronavirus COVID-19 News

*New York Legal News and Compliance

*Gulf States (AL, FL, LA, MS, TX) Legal News and Compliance

*Construction & Real Estate Law

*Corporate Law, Securities, SEC, & Public Company Disclosure

*Cybersecurity, Privacy & Communications

*Energy & Environmental Law

*Family, Elder Law, Estates & Trusts

*Financial Institutions & Banking

*Financing, Bankruptcy & Restructuring Law

*Healthcare Law


*Insurance and Business Law

*Intellectual Property Law

*Labor & Employment Law

*Law School - Legal Writing Contest

*Legal Marketing & Business of Law


*Monday Trending News Digest

*Tax Law

Reach our business savvy and highly sought-after audience who come to read legal analysis and opinions from the nation's premier law firms, corporations, law schools, regulatory agencies and professional associations. Our most frequent visitors are attorneys, accountants, business executives, claims professionals, human resource professionals, and upper and middle management. 

Readership Numbers:

1,775,000 -2,500,000 Average Monthly Visits (last 4 years)

  • Over 25 Million Pageviews in both 2020 and 2021 Annually
  • or 2.1 Million Pageviews per month in both 2020 and 2021 Annually
  • 1st Quarter 2022 over 5.6 Million Pageviews
  • or Averaging  1.86 Million Pageviews per month in early 2022

Key demographics of the National Law Review's audience:

  • average age of 35-55
  • college or advanced degree (over 74%)
  • browse from work (over 65%)

Reaching over 100 countries each month, our audience is global. While 85% of our audience is U.S. based, we also have significant numbers of visitors from Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, India, Germany, and France.

The NLR's visitors come from all states, but the top 10 states include:

  • California
  • New York
  • Illinois
  • Texas
  • Florida
  • Pennsylvania
  • DC
  • Massachusetts
  • New Jersey
  • Ohio

(All information about our audience is from internal records and analysis)

About The National Law Review

One of the highest volume legal websites in the U.S., the National Law Review compiles timely, well-researched articles submitted to us from law reviews, law journals, law firm newsletters, bar associations and original thought leadership.

The National Law Review traces its roots back to 1888. The NLR's online platform was developed by in-house attorneys as no log-in legal news and research portal designed to capture legal trends as they emerge. The National Law Review is regularly cited by and linked to other legal publications, government, and educational institutions, and by mainstream media. Meet our publication and editing team by clicking here.  



2022 Interactive Advertising Opportunities



National Law Review (NatLawReview.com) Banner Advertising 


"A" Leaderboard (728x90)- Located on homepage and every article page.  Maximum ad rotation of three with an exclusive position available for an upcharge.  Email for exclusive pricing.  

 "B" Square (250x250)- Located on the homepage, practice group pages, and every article page.  Maximum ad rotation of two with an exclusive position available for an upcharge.  Email for exclusive pricing. 

"C" Rectangle (336x280)- Located on the homepage, practice group pages, and every article page.  Maximum ad rotation of three with an exclusive position available for an upcharge.  Email for exclusive pricing.  

"D" Button (180x180)- Located on homepage and practice group pages.  Maximum ad rotation of three with an exclusive position available for an upcharge.  Email for exclusive pricing.    

"E" Rectangle (300 x250)- Located on the homepage, practice group pages, and every article page.  Maximum ad rotation of three with an exclusive position available for an upcharge.  Email for exclusive pricing.  

"F" Skyscraper (160x600)-   Email for exclusive pricing.    

"G" Half Banner Middle (468x60)-   Email for exclusive pricing.         

"H" Half Banner Bottom (468x60)-  Email for exclusive pricing.    

(Please note, for all direct-sold ads we also include corresponding mobile ad placements.)       


NLR Homepage NLR article page advertising
Ads on the NLR Homepage Ads on NLR Article Pages


Advertising Rates for the National Law Review (NLR) Ad Positions
Position 1-month rate 4-month rate 1-year rate
"A" Leaderboard (728x90)      
"B" Square (250x250)        
"C" Rectangle (336x280)      
"D" Button (180x180)       
"E" Rectangle (300 x250)      
"G" Half Banner Middle (468x60)      
"H" Half Banner Bottom (468x60)      

Maximum ad rotation of three with an exclusive position available for an upcharge.  250 x 250 ads have a maximum rotation of two.  Email for exclusive pricing.   

National Law Forum Blog (NationalLawForum.com) Banner Advertising Rates

Advertising Rates for the National Law Forum (NLF) Ad Positions
Position 1-month rate 4-month rate 1-year rate
Premium Box (300x250)      

Maximum ad rotation of three with an exclusive position available for an upcharge.  Email for exclusive pricing.    

National Law Review e news bulletinE-newsletter Banner Advertising Rates

The NLR sends out sixteen or more monthly E-newsletters to over 135,000 readers. Our E-newsletters target specific legal practice groups including:

  • Bankruptcy and Restructuring Law
  • BioTech / Food & Drug Law
  • Cybersecurity, Privacy & Communications Law
  • Financial Institution Law
  • Family, Estates & Trusts Law 
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Construction & Real Estate Law
  • Tax Law
  • Immigration Law
  • Insurance Law
  • Labor & Employment Law
  • Environmental and Energy Law
  • Healthcare Law
  • Litigation and Trial Practice*
  • Business of Law and Marketing*
  • Law School and Legal Writing
Advertising Rates for Enewsletter Placement
Position 1-month rate 4-month rate 1-year rate

Top Banner

(200x200)   One Top Banner available per newsletter



Square Banner


Two bottom spots available per newsletter with no skyscraper ad 


Skyscraper (160x600)

Non-Top Spot - one ad per newsletter


Static ads only in E-newsletters.   Email for specific pricing and ad availability. *Upcharge for Litigation and Business of Law E-newsletters. 


Editorial and Technical Requirements for Advertisements

Technical Advertisement Limits
Position/Size Max Initial Download Files Size Click-Through URL Limit Alternative Text Limit
"A" Leaderboard (728x90) 40K 450 Characters 65 Characters
"B" Top Banner (180x150) 40K 450 Characters 65 Characters
"C" Rectangle (336x280) 40K 450 Characters 65 Characters
"D" Square (250x250) 40K 450 Characters 65 Characters
"E" Skyscraper (160x600) 40K 450 Characters 65 Characters
"F" Half Banner Middle (468x60) 40K 450 Characters 65 Characters
"G" Half Banner Bottom (468x60) 40K 450 Characters 65 Characters
Premium Box (300x250) 40K 450 Characters 65 Characters
Accepted file types for NatLawReview.com: Animated GIF, GIF, JPEG, Flash / All click-through URLs must open in a new browser window. 

All prices quoted are net of any agency commission or fees. 

Data Collection - the NLR permits advertisers to collect user-provided personal information (for example, through Web forms embedded in ads).  Advertisers wishing to collect personal information within advertisements must follow these basic guidelines:  1. Clearly identify the organization;  2. Provide a link to privacy policy; 3. Identify the purpose for collecting information. 

Creative Business Requirements -  the NLR has certain standards and guidelines for ads featured on the NLR Web site, blog, and E-newsletters to complement the NLR brand and home page.  The NLR reserves the right to reject any ad that it feels does not meet its minimum requirements. 

Ads Should:

  • Contain a clear message, offer, or promotion
  • Have a highly professional and businesslike design
  • Contain imagery relevant to the offer or promotion
  • Have consistent branding (use of similar/same logos and messaging)
  • Link only to landing pages that provide content relevant to the ad featured
  • Link to an offer or information that is not more than two clicks away

Ads May Not:

  • Be misleading in any way (specifically within creative messaging/offers/promotions, etc.)
  • Include inappropriate graphics (e.g., overly graphic medical conditions, images of distressed animals or humans), or suggestive or explicit images (e.g., models wearing swimsuits or undergarments)
  • Be designed to rapidly flash images or use multiple flashing images
  • Be overly cluttered or be unclear or contain inconsistent messaging
  • Include a fake link or fake HTML  

For more information about advertising with the National Law Review (NLR) or National Law Forum (NLF), please contact Jennifer Schaller.

What NLR Publishers Think:

"The National Law Review is an essential part of our thought leadership distribution plan. It helps us reach more potential clients by providing a platform that is freely available without the need for readers to subscribe or register. Since we began working with The National Law Review we have seen an uptick in both article and biography views, and have also had potential clients reach out to us because of an article's appearance on the site."


Linda Pepe, Director of Marketing
Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo, P.C.


“We are extremely pleased with our National Law Review relationship. NLR provides outstanding service, assistance, and responsiveness. It also is extremely effortless and turnkey to get our attorneys’ articles posted on the NRL site. We especially appreciate NRL’s reports on site visits and most popular articles. We think NRL sets a gold standard!”


David A. Milberg,   Attorney / Director of Marketing & Communications
Schiff Hardin, LLP


“The National Law Review (NLR) is not only a great resource to leverage Dinsmore’s content but also is a key component for supporting our attorneys writing efforts.  Our relationship with the NLR allows the firm’s content to be found in more than one place, which eventually could lead to another marketing opportunity, such as a speaking engagement, or potentially a new client.  Additionally, their user-friendly website keeps us informed as to what are competitors writing about and what news articles are trending.”


Kyle Shumate, Marketing Manager
Dinsmore & Shohl, LLP


“We have been extremely happy with the exposure and service provided by the National Law Review. They do a great job of redistributing our legal analysis in a timely fashion. The web analytics are also very helpful.”


Louise Henkel, Director of Marketing & Business Development
Fowler White Boggs P.A.


"I met Jennifer Schaller when she was launching the National Law Review on-line edition in 2009.  Our firm has posted several articles on the National Law Review site and we have received business referrals as a result of some of those postings.  The National Law Review has built an effective site and I have enjoyed doing business with them!"


Elizabeth Anderson, Marketing Director
Clark & Trevithick


"A couple of invitations to provide CLE programs have come as a result of NLR placements."


Daniel J. Struck, Principal
Much Shelist,  P.C


“I continuously get positive comments about the articles I've written for the National Law Review. The National Law Review website has been very instrumental in our marketing and branding endeavors.”


Rodney L. Abstone II, Esq.  Managing Partner
The MCS Group, Inc.