May 26, 2020

May 26, 2020

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The American Invents Act Has Moved the Cheese [VIDEO]

Kenley K. Hoover, Ph.D. discusses how the implementation of the America Invests Act has dramatically changed how intellectual property is protected in the U.S. He examines the recently established post-grant review proceedings, the shift to a first inventor to file system, and the expanded scope of prior art. Dr. Hoover also discusses the renewed significance of patent quality, and the importance of taking into consideration post-AIA changes when developing a patent strategy.

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About this Author

Kenley Hoover, PHd, Intellectual Property, Sterne Kessler Law Firm

Dr. Hoover, a Director in the Biotechnology/Chemical Group, has firsthand understanding of his clients’ intellectual property and business needs and how they are impacted by an increasingly competitive marketplace.  His practice focuses on the strategic evaluation, creation, protection, and leveraging of IP assets.  He specializes in corporate intellectual property and provides counsel on matters relating to: product driven portfolio, lifecycle, and risk management; IP asset transfer and licensing; preparing for, conducting, and defending IP-related due diligence inquiries; and...