May 26, 2020

An Attorney’s Guide to MailChimp

Of the countless tools available to a rising law firm seeking to optimize its marketing strategy, MailChimp is arguably among the most valuable. MailChimp, a platform through which marketers are easily able to automate their email outreach, is the ultimate facilitator of the drip campaign. A drip campaign is a long-term (typically over the course of a few weeks or months) email-based campaign intended to incentivize a potential client through the standard multi-step decision-making cycle so that they ultimately choose your services over your competitors’. The majority of new and rising firms utilize MailChimp’s basic (and free!) subscription service, which allows for intuitive and common-sense marketing campaigns. However, the platform offers two other plan types: a $10/month “growing” business campaign subscription, and a far pricier (and far more advanced) $199/month “Pro Marketer” subscription. Read on to compare each option’s features and decide which plan would prove most beneficial to your firm!

The “New Business” Plan

Cost: Free (forever!)
Outreach: Up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails monthly
What’s in it for you:
Automation features allow you to automate welcome emails to new clients, gather data about the services and general interests your clients would like to read about and send out email campaigns accordingly, and provide recommendations to your clients (that ultimately lead them back to your firm’s landing pages, of course) based on their online buying activity and e-commerce data.
-MailChimp provides its basic users with customizable client sign-up forms that can be embedded on all of your firm’s major social network profiles, allowing you to gather sign-ups on any computer or smart device from anywhere.
-MailChimp’s campaigns are highly customizable, allowing you to reach out to clients with emails, newsletters, and other resources that are in line with whatever brand you’d like to establish for your firm.
-With this plan, you’ll receive free reports about which campaigns work best.

The “Growing Business” Plan

Cost: Starting at $10/month
Outreach: Scaled depending on your monthly fee. Starting at $20/month, the amount of emails you’re able to send out on the platform is unlimited.
What’s in it for you:
-Integrate MailChimp with another database, like SalesForce, to see combined data analyses
-Target your email campaigns to potential clients based on factors like location, interests, behavior, and more.
Integrations with Google Analytics are available for detailed explanations of the success rates of each email, and each campaign, you send out to your clients.
-Create multi-user accounts so any number of your associates or assistants can have access to the data and campaigns your firm is running, analyzing the information accordingly.
The Send Time Optimization feature measures the most successful times for your campaign’s readability and success rates

The “Pro Marketer” Plan

Cost: $199/month in addition to your monthly “Growing Business” cost (base fee)
Outreach: Scaled depending on your monthly fee. Starting at the $20/month base fee, the amount of emails you’re able to send out on the platform is unlimited.
What’s in it for you:
-Use MailChimp’s API to get an in-depth insight into each customer’s commerce activity, with the ability to send out targeted messages, trigger purchase follow-ups, and generate revenue reports.
-Test success variations depending on your emails’ senders, subject lines, and actual content in order to better gauge what works and what doesn’t.
-Have access to comparative reports that give you insight into patterns in your subscribers’ engagement with your campaigns, allowing you to immediately eliminate efforts that aren’t working.

MailChimp and You

With a scaled set of subscription plans depending on the individual needs of your firm, MailChimp is a highly customizable resource for marketers with an array of experience levels. This platform is invaluable for a business seeking to establish and carry out long-term, effective marketing campaigns. The most beautiful part? There’s no harm in testing it out for free! This may sound presumptuous, but we’re confident we’d be saying it anyway, eventually: you’re welcome.

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