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Cut the Fluff: The Law Firm Billing Software Features That Matter

If every flashy word stamped across the website of different practice management solution were to be believed, then every option out there would be the best, most sophisticated law firm billing software on the market. With numerous options comes high competition, and what follows is flashy, appealing marketing language that over-emphasizes even the most basic of features in order to undermine any shortcomings a solution may have. Even attorneys, who by trade are capable of wading through the fluff to find the facts, may be hard-pressed to discern between empty promises and quality when it comes to practice management solutions. Though different websites will boast about their own billing features differently, it is crucial that legal professionals looking for excellent law firm billing software keep certain must-have features in mind throughout their search.

Custom Invoice Generation

Many solutions will emphasize their allegedly sophisticated invoicing capabilities. Often, all of this means is that the software is capable of generating invoices, often adhering to one general template to which minimal edits can be made. In your search for legal billing software, make sure to look for a solution that provides custom invoice templates, allowing you to create the ideal invoice for each and every kind of matter handled by your firm.

Versatile Billing Options

Though billable time is the historical cornerstone of legal billing, the industry is changing. More and more, legal professionals are turning to other options in order to get paid while accommodating their clients’ financial circumstances. Flat fee billing and payment plans are two increasingly popular formats that have risen to challenge billable time as leading solutions for law firms throughout the world. While searching for a law firm billing software, attorneys are advised to go for a solution that offers options for all of these payment structures.

Integrating with the Best Platforms

Your practice management software should also be your law firm billing software; there is no sense in shuffling back and forth between two different platforms for your case and matter management, calendar and document management, time tracking, invoice generation, and client communications. That being said, in order for your practice management software to do the best possible job at handling every step of your law firm’s billing process, it should offer integrations with the best, most specific billing platforms. This creates a bridge, rather than a barrier, between your practice management and billing automation. Look particularly for software that integrates with both LawPay and Quickbooks to ensure that every facet of your law firm’s billing process is covered.

Law Firm Billing Software is Critical

Billing is a crucial element of your firm’s operations and standing. For this reason, it is crucial that the law firm billing software to which your firm’s finances are entrusted to perform as optimally as possible. Look not for a solution that boasts about basic features, but rather for one that accommodates to the specific needs of your firm without sacrificing thoroughness or efficiency.

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