September 19, 2020

Volume X, Number 263

September 18, 2020

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September 17, 2020

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Ironworkers ZERO Fatality-Incident Campaign

During the past year the Ironworkers ZERO Fatality-Incident Campaign commissioned by General President Eric Dean, and the IMPACT board of trustees, concentrated on training and communication measures to the improve safety for ironworkers while on the job. The overarching goal of the campaign is to improve safety skills and knowledge.

One goal was to improve structural designs for safety training centers. Prototype designs and construction funds were provided by the Safety and Health Department and National Safety Fund to construct more effective fall-prevention structures. Among other things, the new structures enable improved hands-on use of fall-arrest equipment. Facilities in Houston, Spokane, Seattle, and Portland have already constructed new structures. Other interested training centers can get drawings and information on funding from the Ironworkers National Training Fund.

Improved access to Safety Director training was also a priority during 2016. Safety Director training is free for Ironworkers Union members to develop training skills in fall protection systems, safety program development, workplace safety evaluations, job hazard analysis, incident reporting, and equipment operations. Two courses are now scheduled in 2017 including one in San Diego, CA in February 2017 and in Toronto, Ontario in May 2017.

The ZERO Fatality-Incident campaign is also developing a series of videos on deadly safety hazards. The first of these, Floor and Roof Openings, discusses hazards from temporary floor and ladder-way openings.

The video covers:

  • Proper use of hazard access zone and the cone and bar system including recommendations for distances and use of extendable rail systems,

  • Appropriate floor opening covers (plywood, planking) for weight bearing, warning and access prevention per OSHA requirements,

  • Training on installation and use of hazard access zones,

  • Techniques for safe removal of floor opening covers, and

  • Tips for avoiding deadly mistakes.

Additional “Deadly Dozen Hazards” videos are planned starting with Off-loading Structural Members from Trucks and Fall Protection. The ZERO Fatality-Incident campaign is an ongoing initiative. For additional information contact your local safety representative.

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