Positioning = A Key to Social Media Success for Lawyers
Monday, October 14, 2013
Social Media, Lawyers, Marketing

In a nutshell, positioning is about focusing on a niche in order to distinguish yourself in the marketplace.  Market positioning should be the first step in marketing anything.

Law firms – especially larger full-service firms — are typically saddled with broad, blurry positioning. This presents firms with serious marketing challenges – broad messages simply do not resonate on the social networks (or, for that matter, in any marketing channels).

So, if a law firm is positioned poorly, what should it do?  In the presentation below, I suggest that you can achieve business success by positioning your marketing around Emerging Issues.

On September 19, I had the pleasure of giving a 10-minute-long “TED”-like talk on #positioning at the Hildebrandt Social Media for Law Firms conference in NYC. Below is a video.