September 25, 2020

Volume X, Number 269

Anna Shakotko

Anna Shakotko focuses on product liability, trade, and intellectual property disputes. She has over a decade of experience providing economic analysis in all stages of litigation, including motion practice, trials, arbitration, and settlement negotiations. Ms. Shakotko works on cases across numerous industries with particular expertise in consumer goods, agricultural products, and technology markets.

Consumer class actions and product disputes

Ms. Shakotko has extensive experience with consumer class actions and private product disputes including false advertising, trademark infringement, and product disparagement. She specializes in applied marketing research such as surveys, and statistical and content analyses. Ms. Shakotko has managed a range of projects that include:

  • Analyzing consumer decision-making and purchase behavior in a variety of industries, including automobile and retail
  • Conducting content analyses of company advertising to determine how particular product features were communicated
  • Performing content analyses of blogs and social media to assess diffusion of information and public understanding of product features
  • Using econometric analyses to determine the price impact of company disclosures about product features to evaluate how consumers value these features

Trade disputes

Ms. Shakotko has worked on International Trade Commission investigations, including patent disputes and antidumping/countervailing duty investigations. Her work includes:

  • Evaluating whether an import exclusion order for a pharmaceutical product would adversely affect public interest
  • Assessing the substitutability of forest products to determine the effect of importing certain products
  • Analyzing regional supply and demand factors in an agricultural market

Intellectual property

Ms. Shakotko has experience related to valuing intangible assets such as brands. She has analyzed branding issues in the context of transfer pricing, including assessing how firms build and sustain brand equity.

Valuation and damages

Ms. Shakotko has conducted valuations and calculated damages in a variety of contexts, such as product liability, lost wages disputes, securities litigation (both equity and debt instruments), and bankruptcy disputes. She has experience using econometric techniques as well as discounted cash flow (DCF) and comparables valuation methodologies.

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