February 8, 2023

Volume XIII, Number 39

Avigail Kifer

Avigail Kifer applies her expertise in industrial organization economics and quantitative marketing to matters involving antitrust and competition, healthcare, merger review, and intellectual property. Dr. Kifer works with attorneys and experts on all phases of the litigation process, including deposition and trial. Her industry experience spans financial markets, high-tech, internet advertising, and life sciences. She has experience conducting statistical analysis of proprietary big data.

Antitrust and competition

Dr. Kifer has assessed class certification, liability, and damages claims arising in a variety of competition matters. She has addressed issues involving bundling and tying, horizontal price fixing, vertical exclusionary practices, and attempted monopolization. In healthcare, she has analyzed relevant markets, and evaluated allegations of market power, competitive effects, and exclusionary conduct.

Merger review

Dr. Kifer has consulted on multiple merger investigations, both on behalf of regulatory agencies and of merging parties. She has worked on transactions in several industries, notably agriculture, insurance, manufacturing, and telecommunications. Dr. Kifer coauthored comments on the Draft Vertical Merger Guidelines released by the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission in January 2020.

Intellectual property

Dr. Kifer has substantial experience consulting on determinations of reasonable royalty rates in both FRAND settings and regulatory settings, and on trademark infringement matters. She has managed cases relating to digital technologies, software features, and mobile applications.

Tech and big data

Dr. Kifer has conducted statistical analyses and simulations on structured data, and content analyses of unstructured data. She consults and publishes on issues related to marketing, online advertising, and mobile apps.

[email protected] has recognized Dr. Kifer as an “up-and-coming” woman professional in the competition space.

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