September 27, 2020

Volume X, Number 271

Bradford Peterson

Brad's practice is divided between workers' compensation, civil litigation and Medicare Secondary Payer Act compliance. He is experienced in the defense of construction and motor carrier liability, insurance coverage, workers' compensation, and Medicare Secondary Payer Act compliance.

For over a decade Brad has had a special interest in Medicare Set-Aside Trusts and the Medicare Secondary Payer Act. He has written and spoken extensively on these issues. Brad was one of the first attorneys in the State of Illinois to publish an article regarding the application of the Medicare Secondary Payer Act to workers' compensation claims: "Medicare, Workers' Compensation and Set-Aside Trusts," Southern Illinois Law Journal (2002). He has also closely followed developments regarding the need for Medicare Set-Aside accounts in liability cases. In 2010, his article entitled "Medicare's Interests in Future Medical Expense Under Liability Settlements and Judgments" was published in the Illinois Bar Journal (January 2010). Brad is a Certified Medicare Secondary Payer Professional (CMSP), having completed a 36-hour program and examination designed by LASIE (Louisiana Association of Self Insured Employers) to give advanced knowledge and practical skills in Medicare secondary payer compliance.

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