December 11, 2019

Brigette R. Koreny

Brigette provides external general counsel services to companies in various industries and provides growth and exit planning services to privately-held business owners to assist them in engineering their exit from their business. Her MBA education, in addition to her legal experience, enables Brigette to understand each of her client’s unique needs, communicate with her client’s other trusted advisers, and develop comprehensive collaborative solutions to help her clients achieve their personal, family, business and financial goals and objectives. Clients appreciate her proactive approach to strategizing, negotiating and drafting documents which help them better manage their businesses, protect their assets and take control of their future.

She has advised business owners on all aspects of acquisitions, divestitures and mergers processes. She has performed due diligence on privately-held businesses at all stages of the business life cycle in preparation for investment and sale and developed and implemented both maintenance and growth recommendations based upon the findings of the due diligence process in preparation for an exit transaction. Brigette has experience negotiating stock/asset purchase agreements and necessary ancillary documents and managing post-transaction disputes.

In addition, Brigette negotiates and drafts various types of contracts including shareholder agreements, employment agreements, private placement agreements, terms and conditions of services, distribution agreements, and commercial leases.

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