September 27, 2020

Volume X, Number 271

Clifford E. Neimeth

Clifford E. Neimeth has 33 years of experience designing, negotiating, managing and completing complex M&A transactions having an aggregate value in excess of several hundred billion dollars for public company acquirors, sellers and investors; boards of directors and special committees; controlling stockholders; private equity sponsors; hedge funds; and distressed issuers. Such transactions include cash mergers and acquisitions; stock-for-stock business combinations, strategic mergers; mergers-of-equals; proxy fights, corporate control battles and takeover defense; going-private transactions and sponsored buyouts; auctions; divestitures and spin-offs; topping bids; Chapter 11 reorganizations and recapitalizations; and Revlon, Unocal, entire fairness, deal protection and disclosure litigation matters. Cliff also represents financial advisory firms and fairness opinion providers in public M&A transactions.

Cliff leads multi-disciplinary legal and commercial deal teams in a wide-variety of public M&A transactions and corporate governance matters and routinely advises public company boards, special committees and executive management teams regarding their fiduciary duties, corporate governance best practices and M&A deal structures, strategies and negotiating techniques.

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