June 5, 2020

Daryl A. Zakov

Daryl Zakov represents a diverse group of clients including facilities-based wireless and wireline carriers, equipment manufacturers, cable companies, radio and TV broadcasters, public universities, MVNOs, MVNEs, M2M operators, and government and Tribal entities.  In addition to advising clients on traditional matters within the telecommunications, cable, satellite, broadcasting, and wireless sectors — including step-by-step guidance on FCC auctions, FCC proceedings, and NTIA or USDA (RUS) funding programs — Daryl counsels clients on disruptive and emerging technologies, including unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs, aka Drones), mobile internet applications, cloud-networking, SaaS, and the Internet of Things.

Daryl leverages his many years of experience with a joint venture owned by Western Wireless and Cook Inlet Regional, Inc., and in senior management positions with VoiceStream Corp. and T-Mobile US, Inc., to advise his clients with the perspective of someone who has walked in their shoes.  During his time with these companies, Daryl worked hand-in-hand with colleagues to find solutions to issues related to every aspect of a company's operations, whether in sales, marketing, product development, engineering, finance or customer care.  During the in-house portion of his career, Daryl actively led his company in global activities, helping to develop GSMA standards and partnering with T-Mobile's European and Asian affiliates.

Articles in the National Law Review database by Daryl A. Zakov