April 18, 2021

Volume XI, Number 108

Dr. Karolin Hiller

Dr. Karolin Hiller specializes in public commercial law and in particular in regulated industries. She advises companies and public corporations on all public law, regulatory and other legal issues. Karolin is an experienced litigator who represents clients in administrative proceedings and litigation at all judicial instances.

She specializes in the health care, nursing care and life science sector with a focus on statutory health insurance law, nursing care and hospital law as well as medical device law and health data protection law, including related compliance and litigation issues.

Before joining McDermott, Karolin worked for a German-Italian law firm in Rome and for international commercial law firms in Berlin and Dublin.

Karolin is also a member of our legal cannabis industry group, a multidisciplinary and international team of lawyers providing clients with regulatory, litigation, intellectual property, trade and tax legal services with respect to their investments and participation in the cannabis industry, all subject to the Firm’s obligations under federal and state laws and bar licensure rules.


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