August 4, 2020

Volume X, Number 217

Gerlinde (Linda) Nattler

With many years of international in-house patent prosecution experience, Linda Nattler knows how important it is to view patent applications in the context of a client’s business and technology. In the automotive supplier industry, Linda learned to be conscientious of costs and to focus on value.

While working in Europe, Linda was admitted to practice before the European Patent Office and thus has a truly international perspective.  The knowledge of different standards applied by different patent offices helps her draft patent applications that withstand international as well as domestic challenges. At Brinks, Linda shares her knowledge with other attorneys to optimize the chances of patent grants on an international scale.

Linda’s German clients appreciate that she is a native speaker of German.  A quick phone call can resolve many issues instantly when no translation is necessary. Her European experience helps enable her to identify between issues that need further explanation and those that the clients are familiar with from their own experience.

As a patent prosecutor, Linda perceives every patent grant like the graduation of one of her children.  A patent grant is not the end, but the beginning of a patent’s career that can span 20 years from the filing date.  In view of the many potential challenges over the course of a patent’s life and in view of fast-paced changes in technology, it is not enough to obtain patentable claims.  It is important to carve out a meaningful scope that is valid, enforceable and takes into account current and future developments in technology.

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