January 31, 2023

Volume XIII, Number 31

Guillermo Treviño

Guillermo Treviño’s tasks comprise obtaining protection for our clients of: reserva rights (names of TV programs, printed matter, diffusion via computer networks, names of fiction characters or human characterizations and their features, etc.) recordation of works (drawing, computer programs, photography, audiovisual works, applied art, etc.), in order that third parties do not seek to use such protections in the Copyright field. He deals with negotiations with collecting societies for royalties collection, as well as obtaining the permits and licenses from the owners of economic rights over works, for using these works on behalf of our clients within several environments —cinematographic, advertisements in television, printed matter, etc.

Likewise we perform consultancies within the copyright environment, attendance to mediation meetings (conciliation procedure with Mexican Copyright Office) for the solution of complaints of authors, models, artists, as well as the implementation of legal actions for the defense of copyrights of our clients in any legal environment whatsoever.

Furthermore he makes consultancies in the field of Regulatory law, such as: contests, games and sweepstakes, defense and follow up of consumer complaints, attendance to public purchases for the acquisition of assets and services, in the sector of federal government and state and municipal governments.

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