September 19, 2021

Volume XI, Number 262

Jean-Philippe Poissant

Jean-Philippe “JP” Poissant has more than ten years of experience evaluating complex accounting, professional liability, executive compensation, valuation, corporate governance, and financial distress issues. His experience also includes analysis of loss causation and damages in disclosure cases on behalf of clients in a wide range of industries. Mr. Poissant has managed large teams with multiple experts and has worked across all phases of the litigation process, including in state and federal courts, mediation, arbitration, and regulatory matters.


  • Evaluated numerous financial accounting and reporting issues, including revenue recognition, contingent liabilities, warranty reserves, financial instruments, financial asset transfers, segment reporting, business combination, and impairments.
  • Addressed governmental accounting issues such as interfund transfers, fund balance reporting, and nonrecurring events.
  • Analyzed cost accounting issues related to alleged price fixing, enterprise budgeting, and financial projections.

Professional liability

  • Evaluated audit procedures in various matters, including procedures related to fair value, goodwill, intangible assets, financial instruments, unusual transactions, going concern, and tangible assets.
  • Conducted damages analysis in attorney malpractice litigation.
  • Estimated damages resulting from alleged inaccurate tax advice.

Executive compensation

  • Assessed the timing and extent of executives’ stock option exercises and share sales.
  • Analyzed reasonable executive compensation in a shareholder oppression dispute.


  • Calculated the change in enterprise value resulting from alleged management wrongdoing.
  • Valued the earn-out provision but for alleged wrongdoings in a merger dispute.

Corporate governance and financial distress

  • Analyzed the consistency of company management policies with governance best practices.
  • Addressed solvency and related financial issues.

Before joining Cornerstone Research, Mr. Poissant worked in the valuations, forensics, and disputes practice at PricewaterhouseCoopers.


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