September 29, 2022

Volume XII, Number 272

Jennifer L. Seda

During the past several years, Ms. Seda has defended hundreds of OFCCP audits, including on-site reviews, corporate management (“glass ceiling”) reviews, and on-sites. This high volume of OFCCP audit defense allows Ms. Seda to keep on top of the OFCCP’s rapidly evolving enforcement trends and develop excellent relationships with OFCCP personnel. As a result, during the past several years, Ms. Seda and the Affirmative Action Practice Group have obtained Letters of Compliance in more than 99.5% of the hundreds of audits they have defended.

Ms. Seda specializes in assisting employers in the development and implementation of employer applicant tracking systems and strategic dispostion codes. Ms. Seda helps employers develop and implement systems that strike a balance between the applicant tracking system’s purpose (to identify the best candidates as efficiently as possible) and the employer’s compliance obligations. This advice also considers strategically using the Internet Applicant Rule to minimize the number of “applicants” who must be tracked and counted against the employer in statistical analyses. Ms. Seda also conducts HR and recruiter training on recruiting and requisition best practices designed to get recruiter “buy in” and stategically protect the employer.

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