September 28, 2020

Volume X, Number 272

Josh C. Snider

Josh Snider is a patent attorney practicing in the firm’s Intellectual Property group. He represents emerging and mature businesses in the development and leveraging of technology.

Registered to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), Josh handles all levels of transnational patent prosecution and litigation, including corporate IP management and client counseling, inventor consultation and patent drafting, USPTO advocacy, expert depositions, discovery and Markman hearings, defense of state claims, interference practice, reissue and reexamination, design patents, and multinational prosecution of single applications and families of applications. Additionally, Josh has filed and prosecuted more than 50 inter partes review cases before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, specializing in self-driving automobiles and electronic automobile safety systems.

Using his background in computer and electrical engineering, Josh specializes in high-technology electronics and has vast experience in all levels of mechanical, biomedical and chemical devices. As an engineer and patent attorney, Josh has gained experience in numerous areas of medical technology, including EKG design; programming and filtering; pacemakers, CRTs, heart valves and heart pumps; internal and external defibrillators; blood oxygenators; respiratory assist devises; hearing aids and cochlear implants; and nerve stimulators and modulators. Devices he’s written patents for include prosthetics, bone graft compositions, sterile system environments, and CT, PET and X-ray imaging systems.

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