July 19, 2019

Joshua B. Durham

For more than fifteen years now, Josh has helped businesses in North Carolina and the Southeast through all stages of the litigation process, from early case evaluations and settlements all the way through jury verdicts and appeals.  Though Josh has handled important cases in a wide range of industries, a significant part of his practice concentrates on trade secret and unfair competition claims, the outcome of which can often make or break a company.

A journalist and lawyer at heart, Josh is able to quickly understand the client’s business and convey the client’s story to judge and jury in an effective manner.  Technology helps him do so, and he often uses the latest trial software and equipment in hearings and trials in order to most effectively tell his client’s story.  After prevailing in one matter in federal court, the presiding judge remarked that Josh’s use of technology was one of the most persuasive he had ever seen.

Articles in the National Law Review database by Joshua B. Durham