June 3, 2020

Karol K. Denniston

Karol K. Denniston, a bankruptcy and restructuring lawyer for more than 30 years, has extensive experience representing debtors, creditors, bondholders and other parties in a wide variety of litigated bankruptcy cases and out of court transactions. Karol has a strong interest in mediation and has been a mediator since 1992. She has deep experience working with all asset types: real estate, intellectual property, regulated industries including banks, infrastructure, utilities, oil and gas, gaming and nonprofits.

Karol has been working with distressed governmental entities since 2009 and has represented cities, special districts, indenture trustees, bondholders, taxpayers and monoline insurers in a variety of municipal restructuring engagements. Karol appreciates the critical importance of delivering essential services and the need to address increased and unfunded labor and pension costs.

Understanding that consensual negotiated restructurings can avoid protracted litigation, prevent prolonged delay, reduce professional fees and costs and help avoid limited access to capital markets, Karol has assisted clients with many out of court restructurings. When necessary, Karol has represented clients in municipal bankruptcy proceedings with a focus on implementing a negotiated resolution. Karol is a frequent speaker on the importance of mediation as part of the municipal restructuring process. Karol authored and worked with the California legislature to adopt AB 506, which requires mediation before a municipal bankruptcy filing.

Karol was recognized by The Daily Law Journal as one of California’s Top 100 Lawyers for 2012 for her legislative work on municipal mediation.

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