January 27, 2021

Volume XI, Number 27

Marlene Haas

Marlene Haas specializes in financial and economic analysis for corporate litigation matters. Dr. Haas has addressed complex issues involving benchmark manipulation, spoofing and layering, corners and squeezes, wash trades, and ramping allegations. In matters related to alleged anticompetitive conduct, she has evaluated antitrust issues and provided analyses for global foreign exchange, futures, and options markets.

Selected industry experience

Financial markets, including crypto, foreign exchange, equity, and derivatives markets.

Academic research and presentations

  • “Speed and Learning in High-Frequency Auctions,” with Mariana Khapko and Marius Zoican, Journal of Financial Markets, June 2020.

Previous experience

  • University of Lugano
  • University of Vienna

Articles in the National Law Review database by Marlene Haas