January 29, 2023

Volume XIII, Number 29

Max Mauldin

Max Mauldin focuses on patent litigation, patent prosecution, and proceedings before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). He has technical experience in the aerospace and mechanical engineering fields, including technologies such as turbofan engines, hydraulic systems, air-pressurized systems for aircraft and control systems, hybrid and electric powertrains, and suspension systems for automotive vehicles.

Max has experience in trial litigation and post-grant proceedings at the USPTO, including motion practice and infringement and non-infringement contentions. He has also engaged in patent prosecution for utility applications.

During law school, Max completed a program focusing on counseling entrepreneurs on intellectual property matters and analyzing the commercialization of innovative technologies. He also worked as an analyst for a university, evaluating technologies for potential investments from prior art and freedom-to-operate perspectives.

After completing his master’s degree, Max worked as a design, manufacturing, and strength engineer for different departments of a global aerospace company. For one department, he designed components for simulators of rotorcraft and fixed-wing aircraft for a variety of clients. For a different department, he designed aircraft systems, including a variety of pneumatic and hydraulic pressurized systems. He also designed a multitude of components for a newly designed communications pod, and he developed several other pylon-based aircraft systems.

Previously, Max worked as a design engineer for an aircraft manufacturer, focusing on an innovative single engine jet design. He worked to integrate a turbofan engine into the aircraft structure. Integration included design of heat-shielding systems, intake and exhaust systems, and shock-withstanding structural systems. Max further worked with his team to develop, produce, and test the fuel system for that aircraft.

While completing his undergraduate and graduate degrees, Max worked on a variety of engineering projects, including EcoCAR, Formula Hybrid SAE, Formula SAE, and an autonomous utility vehicle. For those projects, Max designed and tested portions of suspension systems, regenerative brake systems, hybrid vehicle drivetrains, control systems, battery cooling systems, and electrical energy management systems. His master’s thesis concerned the level of redundancy needed in physical and control system architecture for autonomous vehicles. Max taught a Machine Design Lab course for two years. He produced components for a variety of different programs and design competitions, using additive manufacturing technology, computer numerical control machinery, and traditional manufacturing techniques.

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