June 13, 2021

Volume XI, Number 164

Melissa J. Fleming

Melissa J. Fleming is a pre-settlement funding specialist who has dedicated her career to helping the plaintiffs in personal injury lawsuits to seek justice. Negotiating fair and adequate compensation after an accident takes time, and insurance companies know that often accident victims are struggling to cover the bills while they’re out of work. They use stalling tactics to get accident victims to give up their fight for adequate compensation. Melissa helps to get their financial needs met so they can stay afloat throughout the settlement process. 

Melissa Fleming has a bachelor’s degree in finance and an MBA. She is the author of numerous articles and guest blog posts about finance, investments, pre-settlement funding, and personal injury lawsuits. After growing up on the West Coast, she moved to Louisiana, where she has been for 20 years because she loves the community and the friendly people in it. She does volunteer work for several local charities, and she is a board member for a nonprofit finance organization. When Melissa isn’t busy helping others, Melissa enjoys spending time with her cats, knitting, and visiting her grandchildren.


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