July 24, 2019

Mike R. Turner

Mike R. Turner represents clients across a broad spectrum of intellectual property disciplines, including the procurement, analysis, and enforcement of utility and design patents, trademarks, copyrights, and other forms of intellectual property. A registered patent attorney, Mike has created and continues to manage global patent and trademark portfolios for several firm clients. He has obtained allowance for numerous utility patents across various technical disciplines, including the mechanical, electrical, computer science, and “business method” arts.

Mike’s work in patent prosecution has trained him to quickly spot a patent’s strengths or weaknesses, and he has used that ability to efficiently analyze and advise clients on hundreds of patents in the context of acquisition due diligence, license negotiations, non-infringement or invalidity analysis, or full-on litigation. Mike has played a crucial role in several lawsuits on behalf of firm clients. In the past year, he prepared claim construction briefs and presented at a Markman hearing that resulted in a judgment of non-infringement for a major firm client. In another matter, his analysis of an asserted patent portfolio and anticipated litigation strategy in response to the demands of one of the world’s largest patent holders resulted in a settlement that saved the client millions of dollars. Mike is presently involved in cases before multiple federal courts, the International Trade Commission, and the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, while continuing to help manage clients’ day-to-day intellectual property needs.

Articles in the National Law Review database by Mike R. Turner