October 22, 2018

Muftiah M. McCartin

Muftiah McCartin is co-chair of the Public Policy Practice Group. She specializes in providing advice and guidance to clients on legislative and regulatory strategies.

Ms. McCartin has been praised by congressional leaders for “her policy and technical expertise [that] have served both sides of the aisle over many years," for "personif[ying] competence, professionalism and courtesy," and for being “one of the most able people with whom I have worked during the 30 years I have been here." Her distinguished public service career in the U.S. House of Representatives includes senior positions with the Rules Committee, the Appropriations Committee, and the Parliamentarian's Office. She has breadth of congressional experience across the spectrum of committees and offices and in interfacing with regulatory agencies, and she has breadth of experience in private practice advising a broad range of industries that face legislative and regulatory challenges. This experience makes her particularly well-suited to represent clients effectively on a broad spectrum of issues, whether the client is well-established in Washington, seeking to establish a Washington presence for the first time, or relying entirely on Washington counsel.

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