January 30, 2023

Volume XIII, Number 30

Nimish Patel

If you ever want the ultimate dose of energy and excitement, sit for a few minutes with Nimish Patel. His infectious attitude will make you believe that anything is possible, including “closing that deal”. Nimish is the consummate deal-making lawyer. He hails from Gujarat, a region of India, where entrepreneurship is almost a religion, which would explain his pursuit of an MBA and CPA credential, a prized possession in India, along with his law degree. That combination has served him well in the practice of corporate securities, which is really more about the art of the deal than anything else.

Nimish is an advocate for his clients, especially those in fundraising mode, and has been known to orchestrate deals thought impossible by many. His mix of enthusiasm, thoughtfulness, and grasp for the technical nature of corporate securities law, makes him the perfect ambassador. No one is more passionate about advocating for the betterment of his clients and that comes across as a genuine interest in helping others.

That same passion for helping others was the impetus to him running and getting elected to the Board of the Santa Monica Malibu Unified School District in 2010. Diplomacy is a necessary ingredient when serving in public office and it’s a skill that translates nicely to his practice of law. Finding a way to get to “yes” for all parties involved is a nuance missed by many practitioners.

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