January 22, 2021

Volume XI, Number 22

Rebekah Ramirez

With practical and legal experience, Rebekah Ramirez guides companies on managing labor relations, negotiating agreements, resolving labor disputes and complying with employment laws. For more than 15 years, Rebekah served as a senior field attorney for the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). She uses her knowledge of the NLRB’s procedures and practices to guide clients into compliance and present powerful defenses to unfair labor practice charges.

Skilled Litigator

Rebekah represented the NLRB in more than 19 trials, including before administrative law judges, in federal district courts and in U.S. bankruptcy courts. She has experience managing cases from research to witness preparation and depositions, to drafting pleadings, briefs and motions.


Dispute Resolution Negotiator

Rebekah also assists with alternative dispute resolution and is experienced in conducting settlement negotiations. She served as regional settlements coordinator for the NLRB’s Region 25.


HR Compliance Advisor

Rebekah served as special emphasis coordinator of equal employment opportunity (EEO) programs at the NLRB, and she counsels clients on EEO compliance matters. She previously worked as a human resources manager at a medical device company for several years, and she leverages that background to advise on proper practices for recruiting, hiring and managing performance, as well as obligations under employment laws. Rebekah helps employers conduct internal investigations related to sexual harassment and discrimination allegations.


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