April 1, 2020

Scott Frazer

Scott supervises Duo’s network facilities, monitoring hardware and software, analyzing problems and ensuring that the network is fully operational. He works closely with clients to identify, interpret and evaluate their system requirements. He also provides the front-line defense of the Duo network by planning, coordinating and implementing network security measures. An avid Mac user, Scott is nonetheless happy to keep Duo’s servers running on Windows Server 2003 and Ubuntu Linux.

Scott has been working in network administration with Internet companies for over ten years. He has experience designing and maintaining networks and server farms for high-traffic sites in both the hosting and e-commerce arenas. As the senior system administrator for MusicToday, an online ticketing, merchandise and fan club portal, he was responsible for the stability and security of large-volume e-commerce sites, including websites for the Rolling Stones, the Grateful Dead and the Dave Mathews Band. 

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