May 21, 2019

Tam Thanh Pham

Ms. Pham is a patent attorney in the firm’s Silicon Valley office. Representing clients at all stages of ‎development from start-ups to public companies, she crafts and implements intellectual property ‎strategies aligned to the particular business goals of each client. She also helps defend innovators from ‎opportunists, competitors, and/or the insidious efforts of patent trolls that seek to claim others’ ‎innovations as their own.‎

Ms. Pham counsels clients on strategies for acquisition, acceleration, enforcement, and defense of ‎domestic and foreign patents. She has represented clients in every phase of patent preparation and ‎prosecution, including reissue, reexamination, and appeals to the Patent Trial and Appeal Board ‎‎(PTAB) and the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. Her practice also includes ‎developing and implementing litigation strategies for U.S. District Court and International Trade ‎Commission (ITC) patent proceedings, preparation of opinion letters regarding non-infringement and ‎invalidity, and due diligence related to venture capital financing and acquisitions. ‎

A need for Ms. Pham’s assistance may be triggered when a company develops a new product/service, ‎announces a new product/service (e.g., at a trade show), is on the verge of a funding event or ‎acquisition, wishes to increase its valuation, receives a cease-and-desist letter or complaint, learns of ‎litigation activity in their industry, or otherwise wishes to prepare itself as best possible in a ‎competitive technological market. ‎

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