March 24, 2018

Wes J. Camden

Wes helps businesses and professionals respond to government investigations or criminal prosecutions. A former federal prosecutor, Wes uses his insight to frame his client’s situation, while attempting to mitigate the damage these investigations frequently bring. The earlier he is involved, the more likely he can alter the direction of the case.  Wes also draws on his experience when conducting internal investigations of potential wrongdoing and advising private clients on appropriate responsive actions.

Wes tells his clients, "Where you begin your response to a government investigation often dictates where you end. Generally, the most critical moments in responding to a government investigation are the first ones. Successfully navigating the initial interactions with government agents, or initial request for documents by a government agency, can significantly impact the outcome of the investigation."  Wes' clients benefit from his perspective on how a government investigation develops and the tactics that prosecutors and investigators will likely use to build their case. Wes' counsel aids clients in avoiding criminal charges and achieving other non-public outcomes.

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