June 18, 2021

Volume XI, Number 169

William C. P. Thieme

William Thieme (Billy) has decades of digital marketing, website monetization, advertising, and operations experience. He attained additional skills in advertising operations,  writing, journalism, content creation, and editing from a two-decade career in newspapers, primarily working for The Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News in Denver, Colorado. During his tenure in the newspaper industry, Billy helped lead the evolution into 100% paginated digital output and publishing and editorial  systems from decades-old manual processes involving pasted-up galleys and microwave transmission from prepress to plate. It was only a small step - with huge implications - from there to devloping a career supporting companies utilization of the internet as the world's primary news publishing, advertising, and media communications environment, and Billy took full advantage of the opportunities to learn, develop, and support the digital migration from the start.

With more than a decade of digital advertising and content marketing, website development, website monetization, and analytics experience, Billy enjoys contributing to The National Law Review as the company's Technical Services Manager. In this role, Billy supports the technical aspects of the NLR's publishing business and the progress towards consistent optimization, as well as multichannel content distribution and syndication strategies. This involves workng in Drupal, Google Analytics, PIWIK, and other analytics platforms, multiple monetization platforms including Publir, Prebid.org, Google Ad Manager, and many other advertising platforms, agencies, and networks, and reporting platforms including Google Design Studio. Billy is also involved in maintaining and optimizing the NLR's overall consent management strategies (GDPR, CCPA, and other privacy regulations compliance).

Billy collaborates with NLR teams and leadership to constantly seek out, experiment, and learn about options that help our publishing clients achieve the best return on their publishing memberships - including SEO, omnichannel marketing and distribution methods, social media campaigns and optimization, advertising and monetization strategies, and public relations.


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