December 16, 2018

29th Annual Labor & Employment Law Seminar- Green Bay WI

Godfrey & Kahn's attorney presented seminar designed to serve the needs of executives, human resource professionals, in-house counsel and front-line supervisors, this seminar focuses on labor and employment law trends and practical approaches to preventing and managing labor and employment law issues.

Topics for this year's seminar include: 

Session 1 - Legal update and outlook for 2018
Session 2 - Hacking, data security & disloyal employees: Use of the CFAA and Computer Crime Laws by employers 
Session 3 - Wage & hour reset: What employers need to know in 2018
Session 4 - #TimesUp, #MeToo and other harassment trends: A legal and public relations perspective

Held at Lambeau Field in Greenbay WI on April 18, 2018 

Event Location: 
Lambeau Field Green Bay WI