September 30, 2020

Volume X, Number 274

340B Drug Pricing Program Under the Microscope

The 340B Drug Pricing Program presents a unique opportunity for certain qualified covered entities to significantly reduce their outpatient drug expense while fulfilling their non-profit objectives. This presentation will leverage 340B attorney perspectives and discuss recent enhancements to the HRSA audit process, including areas of increased focus, and best practices to adequately prepare for audits. It will also present the most frequently identified audit issues, root causes, and potential corrective actions to mitigate the risks moving forward. The presentation will also include a public policy update regarding proposals that could redefine the scope of the 340B program.

Agenda of events is as follows: 

  • Overview of the 340B Program
  • HRSA Audit Preparation Best Practices
  • Navigating Manufacturer Disputes
  • Ongoing Legislative and Regulatory Activity

Presenters are Kyle A. Vasquez, Emily Shaw, and Lidia M. Niecko-Najjum. 

Event Location: 

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