February 28, 2020

Are You Ready? Recreational Marijuana in Michigan & Employer Rights

Michigan voters will decide on Nov. 6, 2018, if Michigan legalizes the recreational use of marijuana. If voters approve, this would make Michigan the ninth state to legalize marijuana. We will help analyze the choices employers face and the best practices/policy approaches that flow from them if Michigan employers end up in a legalized recreational marijuana environment.

Don Lawless will help explain the employer aspects of the marijuana ballot initiative and how its passage will impact the Michigan workplace. Related topics to be covered that inform this discussion include:

  • Developments in the eight other states that have legalized recreational marijuana

  • The inherent problems for employers regarding legalized recreational marijuana

  • The impact on other laws and regulations on the recreational use of marijuana, such as:

    • ADA and state disability laws

    • OSHA/MIOSHA enforcement regarding post-accident drug testing

    • State laws that protect lawful off-duty conduct

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