January 26, 2023

Volume XIII, Number 26

Boomerang Effect? What Immigration Policy Might Look Like Under Biden-Harris Administration [WEBINAR]

There is a great deal of speculation about the changes that the Biden-Harris administration will make to U.S. immigration policy, and perhaps no other area of federal policy will be as affected by this transition. During an interactive program, join Barnes & Thornburg partners as they:

  • Summarize the biggest changes to U.S. business immigration policy since the start of the Trump administration and identify policies the Biden-Harris administration is likely to reverse and where continuity is likely
  • Identify the current status and substance of several rules pertinent to the H-1B program that the Trump administration is seeking to finalize during the transition
  • Identify key legislative, regulatory, and non-regulatory priorities for the new administration
  • Discussion regarding outlook on the H-1B lottery