October 30, 2020

Volume X, Number 304

Brazil’s Data Protection Law (LGPD): A Practical Guide for U.S. Companies

As consumers around the globe seek to regain control over their personal data, legislatures have responded by enacting new privacy frameworks. Some have strengthened existing rights, while others have passed new, revolutionary laws that promise sweeping effects on companies’ data protection policies and procedures. The European Union has enacted the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), that is applicable not only to companies located in Europe, but also those around the world that deal with European Union residents. In August, Brazil enacted its Data Protection Law known as Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados or LGPD, inspired by and similar to the GDPR.

This webinar, led by lawyers from Barnes & Thornburg’s Data Security and Privacy practice and from a Brazilian law firm, Mattos Filho, will provide the unique opportunity for attendees to discuss the new Brazilian privacy law. The webinar will provide insight and outline similarities and differences between the LGPD, the GDPR and California’s new California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), while delivering a practical compliance guide for U.S. companies conducting business in Brazil or dealing with personal data of Brazilian data subjects.

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