October 1, 2020

Volume X, Number 275

Conducting Investigations of Human Resources Issues

Employers are inevitably faced with the challenge of investigating workplace issues. This can arise in various contexts, such as allegations of harassment, discrimination, retaliation, other inappropriate behavior, violation of company policy, or theft.

Conducting effective investigations is critical in order to take the right action that is fair to employees, appropriate for the situation, and reinforces company policy and culture. Investigations – and documentation of them – is also a critical factor in defending against any subsequent litigation.

This presentation is for managers, attorneys and HR professionals (particularly those who handle employee relations and HR compliance matters) with responsibility for HR-related investigations. Attendees will learn practical tips for conducting investigations, from planning for one to reporting the findings. The seminar will also provide tips for properly documenting the investigation so that investigators can explain their actions and conclusions.

Event Location: 
Minneapolis, MN

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