August 21, 2019

Contaminated Properties: Handling Historical and New Contamination and Coverage

Every year, legal departments and risk managers must handle high-stakes liability associated with newly occurring environmental contamination and historical pollution events. Even non-polluting companies may find themselves in the regulatory crosshairs if they are in the chain of title of a polluted property or acquired a company that polluted in the past. This 60-minute webinar will examine the risks, how to deal with governmental regulators, and the types of insurance coverage available to offset the cost of compliance.

The panelists will share their real-world experiences working with regulators, insurance claims and risk management. Key takeaways will entail:

  • Who the various stakeholders involved in addressing environmental liabilities are and how to deal with them

  • Emerging regulatory trends such as a governmental focus on vapor intrusion, and the effects these trends may have on coverage

  • The potential availability of both historical liability coverage and new pollution liability coverage to help respond to environmental liabilities

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