March 20, 2019

Creation and Licensing of De-Identified Health Information

We hope you will join us for an in-depth, intermediate-to-advanced level discussion of key regulatory and commercial issues raised by the de-identification of protected health information and other personally identifiable information (PII) under HIPAA, GDPR and other laws. De-identification is increasingly used as a tool for market research and other commercial applications that are not permitted with PII. Our speakers include McDermott privacy lawyers with deep experience advising clients regarding the de-identification of PII and commercialization of the resulting data sets and an expert on HIPAA statistical de-identification and statistical disclosure control. Our webinar will cover, among other topics:

• HIPAA’s de-identification, limited data set and data aggregation pathways

• Considerations for the risk of re-identification analysis

• Term and expiration of de-identification opinion

• De-identification of clinical notes and other unstructured data

• Commercialization of de-identified data

• Use of record linkage tools

• Clinical research law considerations

• Anonymization and pseudonymization under GDPR

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