August 8, 2020

Volume X, Number 221

Current Challenges Encountered In Cross-Border M&A Transactions

Cross-border transactions are still an attractive tool to grow businesses internationally. However, with the entire globe laboring under financial distress, significant challenges to conducting such transactions abound. And increased regulations – such as tightened data privacy regulation and national foreign investment controls – have significantly impacted deal-making. In order to successfully execute cross-border mergers and acquisitions, businesses have to navigate both the business challenges as well as increased regulatory complexities.

In this webinar, Barnes & Thornburg speakers will take a cross-jurisdictional view at M&A in the U.S., UK, and Germany and discuss:

  • How to handle personal data during cross-border M&A transactions and mitigate non-compliance risk at target level from an investor’s perspective.

  • How to plan and ensure that the required regulatory approvals from national foreign investment control committees can be obtained.

  • How to approach and navigate cross-border distressed M&A acquisitions and identify opportunities.  

  • Recent legal developments and best practices for reducing risk.

Barnes & Thornburg will discuss these new realities, as well as how the global pandemic has inflicted economic pressures on many industries, requiring buyers to be more prudent when pursuing distressed investment opportunities.

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