January 27, 2022

Volume XII, Number 27


Digital Health Venture Series, Part 1: What to Look For When Investing in Digital Health

The unique business opportunities created by digital health companies can carry heightened regulatory risks. As investors increase their focus on the digital health sector and as digital health companies engage in more complex transactions, both companies and investors must pay careful attention to the risks inherent in this ecosystem. In this webinar series, we will explore the issues digital health companies should address as they prepare to engage with investors, and the regulatory and operational risks investors should monitor as they consider potential investments.

Our panelists include senior executives of leading digital health companies and investment firms with years of experience in digital health investing at all funding levels, and McDermott's industry-leading digital health and venture capital attorneys.

The digital health space is riper than ever for investors, but the increasing deal activity and crowded market – of both start-ups and investors new to the sector – means more competition, more complex transactions and a greater need for due diligence. 

Our legal and investor panelists will explore:

  • Key digital health regulatory issues investors must be aware of to conduct effective diligence and evaluate risk in the highly regulated healthcare industry

  • The influx of venture capital in digital health and its impact on the investment landscape

  • Expansion of regulatory schemes that have broadened the availability of digital health services

  • "Red flag" areas in digital health start-ups and what you should watch for when vetting companies

  • The trend of "Peter Pan companies" combined with the trend for early exits and how the rush to sell could impact valuation