April 11, 2021

Volume XI, Number 101

Disclosure and Executive Compensation Under the Biden Administration

ESG initiatives have been gaining momentum and continue to be a focus of many different constituencies, including boardrooms, company management, institutional investors and other shareholders, proxy advisory firms, the government, corporate watchdog organizations, customers and the media.  

The Biden Administration has made it clear that addressing climate risk and potentially other elements of ESG will be an important goal of financial regulation, and a more active SEC may accelerate related disclosure and governance changes that have been advocated by institutional investors. These developments will impact companies and how they implement and communicate their ESG strategies.

Please join us for a webinar where we will discuss ESG as it relates to the new Administration, including:

  • Expected rule and interpretive changes under a Democratic-controlled SEC 
  • ESG trends in executive compensation
  • Current rules that may elicit ESG-related disclosure – will the SEC staff closely monitor disclosures? 
  • Evolving voting policies: institutional investors and proxy advisory firms