September 19, 2019

DOJ’s Updated Criteria and Incentives for an Effective Compliance Program and Antitrust Leniency Considerations

The U.S. Department of Justice issued updated guidance on evaluating corporate compliance programs this past spring and recently announced much anticipated changes to the way corporate antitrust compliance programs would be evaluated. This webinar will show you how to answer three questions critical to the evaluation of a compliance program: Is it well-designed? Is it applied earnestly and in good faith? Does it work?  

As companies operate in this shifting landscape, it is imperative that you understand what a well-designed compliance program is, how to implement it effectively, and how the program will work in practice – with elements that lead to discovery and resolution of misconduct.

Please join us for a webinar that will address these policy changes, benefits and key takeaways for companies to consider while reviewing, updating and – where necessary – tailoring their compliance programs.

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