February 18, 2019

The Emerald Series: Labor & Employment Webinar Series

Join lawyers from Polsinelli’s Labor & Employment Department for the 2018 webinar series. The series will be presented in four installments and include vignettes of Emily, Mr. Bland, Mr. Grumbles, Ms. Ner-Vess and Ms. Ideal. Listen in as Emily befriends the subject of a previous webinar series, Ruby Breaker, who provides Emily “guidance” as she finds her way to the Ideal Workplace.

Segment 1: It's (not) in the Handbook

In the first segment of our series, Emily goes to work for Mr. Bland at his warehouse and distribution center. Mr. Bland’s policies and methods need some improvement, as his business is still utilizing a form Employee Handbook, generic background authorization documents, and generic Employment and Confidentiality Agreements. While Emily works for Mr. Bland, she becomes temporarily disabled by some odd dust in the air, but Mr. Bland declines to provide her time off based upon her lack of eligibility under the FMLA.

Our agenda will cover: 

  • Employee handbook issues
  • Background checks
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • FMLA and ADA interplay

Presenters include: 

  • Eric E. Packel. 
  • Andrew B. Cripe.
  • Elizabeth T. Gross.
  • Teeka K. Harrison. 
  • Emma R. Schuering.
Event Location: 

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