January 19, 2021

Volume XI, Number 19

The Emerald Series: Segment 2: Get to Work (Off the Clock) and Don’t Compete!

Join lawyers from Polsinelli’s Labor & Employment Department for the 2018 webinar series. The series will be presented in four installments and include vignettes of Emily, Mr. Bland, Mr. Grumbles, Ms. Ner-Vess and Ms. Ideal. Listen in as Emily befriends the subject of a previous webinar series, Ruby Breaker, who provides Emily “guidance” as she finds her way to the Ideal Workplace. 

In the second segment of our series, Emily is hired by Mr. Grumbles, an employer who operates a manufacturing company. Mr. Grumbles insists that Emily and her co-workers spend time engaged in activities off the clock. Emily is also asked to sign a stringent non-compete agreement. Apparently, Mr. Grumbles employs undocumented workers who are not legal citizens, and at lower pay scales than other workers and disregards his company’s Affirmative Action obligations.

If you missed our first webinar, you can listen to it here.


  • Off the clock issues and obligations
  • Employing undocumented workers
  • Restrictive covenants
  • Affirmative Action requirements