August 3, 2020

Volume X, Number 216

An Employee By Any Other Name...: Pitfalls to Staffing a Modern Workforce - The Cubicle Part 3

Think you have it bad? Take heart in knowing that you’re not alone managing workplace shenanigans that would strain the sanity of any HR professional. Follow Tobin, an HR manager, as he navigates a dysfunctional work environment in which employees make their own rules and generally ignore the advice coming from HR.

Season 1, Episode 3 – An Employee By Any Other Name…: Pitfalls to Staffing a Modern Workforce

Matthew Scoot is back, and decides to designate the warehouse employees as "stocking consultants" in order to classify them as independent contractors to save on benefit costs. Staffing your workforce in a modern world has gotten more complex. In addition to employees and independent contractors, companies also utilize temporary staffing agencies and professional employer organizations (PEOs). In this episode, our panel will discuss strategies for avoiding the common pitfalls that arise in connection with employee classification issues, including how to appropriately classify exempt employees, utilize independent contractors, and understand the risks posed by various staffing solutions.

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